Our Pastor


 Pastor Gerald M. Dew is the humble pastor of the  Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois.  He is married to the lovely Marva Dew and is the father  of Reverend Samuel and Eboni Dew. Pastor Dew serves  his congregation as a prolific preacher, visionary  teacher, and fearless leader. He is a strong believer in  the power of God's word and God's people.

 While under the pastoral leadership of his father, the  late Reverend Albert Dew, Pastor Dew accepted Christ  at a young age and began preaching in Muncie, Indiana at age 19. He later moved to Houston, Texas and was installed as the 7th pastor of the historic Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church in 1984 at age 24. Pastor Dew faithfully served Greater Zion for 16 years.

In January 2001, Pastor Dew answered the call of God on his life and moved to Chicago, Illinois to serve as the 4th pastor of the nationally renowned Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Dew continued to lead God's people onward and upward. By instituting Mission, Vision, and Standard statements, Antioch was able to further focus its efforts to evangelize the world and make disciples for Christ. Pastor Dew passionately encourages members to be/become dedicated church members, serious students of the Word, involved in ministry, engaged in evangelism, and fully devoted followers of Christ. These beliefs drive the continued growth of Antioch and its impact in the Englewood community and beyond.

Pastor Dew has an unquenchable hunger for education and thirst for knowledge and is considered a "lifelong learner." Thus far he has earned the following degrees:

     Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Texas Southern University

     Master of Arts in Theology Houston Graduate School of Theology

     Master of Divinity Northern Theological Seminary

     Doctorate of Ministry Northern Theological Seminary

Pastor Dew’s commitment to his calling is evident through his educational pursuits as well as his desire to mentor and lead other pastors, ministers, and lay servants in effective ministry. In 2012 Pastor Dew instituted the Forward Momentum in Ministry Ministers Workshop designed to educate and empower religious leaders from across the state. In addition he serves as:

     Director, Center For Urban Leadership (Master of Arts in Urban Leadership),              Northern Theological Seminary, Lisle, IL

     Affiliate Professor, Northern Seminary, Lisle, IL

     Doctoral Thesis Supervisor, Northern Seminary, Lisle, IL

    Leader of Ministers Conference, Illinois Missionary Baptist State Convention              (former Convention President)

     Dean of Pastoral Development, North Woodriver District Association

     Founder and Executive Director, Major Impact Ministries, Inc.

    Bible Instructor, National Baptist Sunday School and Baptist Training Union-              Ministers Conference

Pastor Dew has two publications:

     A Pilot Project For A Future Informed Leadership Development Process at                   Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

     Jigsaw Puzzle Leadership

A dedicated leader, Pastor Dew developed his, "From There to Here and from Here to There" mantra: moving people from "There" (sin) to "Here" (salvation); and from "Here" (salvation) to "There" (fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ). Without question Pastor Dew is a future informed leader with his eye on both what is and what is to come. He is committed to the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church family and lives his life for the good of others, the growth of the church, and the glory of God. If there was a way to best describe Pastor Dew it would be Servant Leader.


415 W. Englewood Avenue • Chicago, Illinois 60621